Friday, February 8, 2008

The Implicit and the Explicit

Like everything there is, the image that appears in our mind
whether that is an individual or a collective, there is always
more that underlies the image.

The image can be thought of as the Explicit. Look at this screen
and have an image of words or pictures or even children for instance.

What is underlying that image is electromagnetic movement, dots,
computer code even the air in the room you are in effects what
what is implicitly behind the thing that becomes a filtered

Most of us have been convinced that looking for the implicit is
not worth our time. That it it confusing, frustrating and ultimately
not what you 'want to' be doing.

That's dogma. Radical Fundamentalist Dogma is the most explicit form
of dogma. Implicitly, it exists all around us in the form of cultural

Once you become aware of it's existence, it becomes possible to see
more clearly, to understand things as they are rather than as they
appear (or in many cases, are made to appear) to be.